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what you do is very simple, go to the top of the Celadon Dept. Store and there should be a bunch of vending machines (i think there are 3) and you can buy soda, fresh water, and Lemonade. give one of the drinks you purchase to a guard at one of the stops going into Safaron City

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Q: How do you get fresh water in Pokemon Blue?
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Where is fresh water Pokemon Yellow?

You have to go to Celadon and go to the top of the mart where there are vending machines that you can get the fresh water from.

Where can you find Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

In The grass or surfing in the water.

What city in Pokemon Yellow is to get fresh water?

you can find fresh water at celdon city pokemart on the top floor in the vending machine

How do you buy fresh water in Pokemon Yellow?

go to the celadon mart and go to the to floor there are vending machines tht will sell you fresh water

How do you get the tea in Pokemon Yellow?

Buy fresh water and give it to the guard

What is the best way to store live blue crabs to be eaten in a few days?

In fresh salt water that has a water aerator to keep the water fresh constantly

Can you find blue-green algae in freshwater?

There is some Blue green algae in nearly all water especially fresh water.

Which Pokemon can surf in Pokemon Blue gbc?

whooper,quagsire,um...any water type pokemon!

Do blue lobsters live in fresh or salt water?

The American Blue Lobster is a marine species from the Atlantic Ocean.

Which Pokemon can learn surf on Pokemon Mystery Blue dungeon?

Any water pokemon. Goldeen, Barboach (etc.)

Where do you get ice beam in pokemon gold?

It is not a TM in gold or silver, you must trade a Pokemon from red and blue that knows this more. The ice beam TM is found in Celedon City department store by trading with a girl. Give her a fresh water to receive the TM.

What is a blue gummi?

A blue gummi is a food item in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon that increases your IQ. It works best for Water-type Pokemon.