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Buy it online, or at a participating retailer.

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Q: How do you get free freerealms stashion cash?
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What is the code for free station cash for freerealms?

there is no station cash cheat

How do you get a boombox in freerealms?

you have to pay with station cash which if you buy a freerealms card you can get station cash

How do you get the freerealms boombox?

You get a freerealms boombox by going to the station cash market place and buying one.

Codes for station cash on freerealms?

no you can only get it on the back of the sation cash card.

How do you get a dragon in freerealms?

you need to be a member and have station cash>

What games use station cash?

freerealms and everquest2

Is there a cheat to Get Station Cash on freerealms?

yea there is a code but i dont know what it is

How do you get karts in freerealms?

Get them at station cash shop but i dont think they have karts to buy.

How do you get free sc on freerealms?

go to then log in with your freerealms account agree the terms then you should get 203sc if you go back on freerealms(you dont need to play) enjoy:D

How do you buy a ride on freerealms if you don't have enough station cash?

You can't...If someone said they got a ride for free its fake.Also,if you were a member for the summer you should get a free fire pegasus.Add me im Ice Gal

Is freerealms free?

yes it is free (try playing runescape at

What is a cheat code to get free rides on freerealms?