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You cant have to buy it with station cash

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Q: How do you get a free tiger in free realms?
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How do you be a tiger on Free Realms?

You can't, there is no illusion item that will turn you into a tiger. You can however, buy a tiger ride with StationCash.

How do you change into a tiger on Free Realms?

There is no illusion to turn you into tiger. However you can still buy a tiger mount at the Marketplace.

Is there a cheat code on getting a lava tiger on Free Realms?

Unfortunately, there is no code. :(But you can buy lava tiger rides with SC if you are a member.

How do you update Free Realms?

You Dont Update Free Realms Aslong As You Log Into Free Realms Free Realms Updates Itself

When did Free Realms happen?

Free Realms happened in 2009.

What do hedgehogs eat in free realms?

There are no hedgehogs in Free Realms...

What is free realms insider?

free realms insiders (FRI) is a forum fansite run by a few players of free realms.

When was Free Realms launched?

Free realms was launched in 2010 on the mac.

When will druid come out in Free Realms?

it has already came out on free realms

How do you do the tutorial on Free Realms?

When you make an account on Free Realms, it will automaticallydo it for you.

Is the playstation network Free Realms connected to PC Free Realms?


How old is Free Realms?

Free Realms is 1 year old.