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i don't know why youd want adday trim instead of rune but ok id say for free the one way i can think of is party room if someone drops it in party room and your lucky enough to pop the ballon with it in it then you get it for free. sry but that's the only way i can think of where you get it for free. and trust me its possible for someone to drop it because ppl drop rune trim one time even two full sets of rune trime

well Hi i have runescape account and im lvl 68 and i would like to say that cut many wood and u could get one but party room is best place

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Q: How do you get free admant trimed gold armor in runescape?
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How do you get free admant trimed gold in RuneScape?

the only way to get any trimmed armour in runescape w/o paying coins is by treasure trails. you can only do these if your a member:)

How do you get free addy trimed gold in runescape?

il give u it free? email me at ( if u want it

Best runescape free to play armor?

Full Rune.

Is it possible to make or get dragon armor for free in Runescape?

No, but you can get it for free if you get it at a drop party. It is a very small possibility that you would get the armor though.

How do you get free mirthril armor in Runescape?

You have to make it for yourself for it to be free, either that or have a friend do so generously.

Does zammy armor give pray bonus in Runescape?

No, Zamorak armor will not give a prayer bonus in RuneScape. It shares the same weapon attributes as Rune armor and is only more expensive because of its rarity and being a mark of wealth for Free to Play players.

How do you get free rune armor runescape?

smith yourself or become a member and kill fire giants :p.By player killing I think but other than that their is no way to get free rune armor.

What is the best armour to wear with level 57 strength attack and 56 def on runescape?

Members: granite armor Free players: rune armor

How do you trim armor on RuneScape?

you cant trim armour in rs(runescape) so when you see somone say free armour trimming there just scamming you but you could do that to people

What is the best armer in runescape?

The best armor for free-players is Rune, God armor is the same the same thing, just painted with the colors of a God. For members, the best armor is Dragon, also the most expensive.

What is a cool armor in runescape?

if you mean "cool" by the looks, then i would say rune (g) or zamorak for free players, and dragon armor for members. if you mean cool by stats, then rune for free players and bandos or barrows for members.

What armor should you use in RuneScape?

well it depends if you are free and can wear rune but if your member and can wear dragon (be warned expensive!!)