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Craft one flint with an iron ingot( think about the name

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Q: How do you get flint and steel in Minecraft?
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How do you get flint and steel on minecraft creative mode?

Flint and steel are in the "Tools" section of the Creative inventory.

How do you make the Nether portal in Minecraft?

Get 12 obsidian and make a rectangle out if it and make sure you have flint & steel and get your flint & steel and tap your flint & steel on the portal.

How do you find steel in Minecraft pe iPod?

there is no steel you can craft flint and steel though

How do you get flint and steel in the free version of minecraft?

by making it

What does flint do in Minecraft?

you craft it with stee ingots to make a flint and steel which makes fire.

How to get to the nether in Minecraft?

The get to the Nether in minecraft, you need at least 10 obsidian and a flint and steel. You need to make a Nether Portal, a 4x5 portal, and set it alight with the flint and steel.

What happens in minecraft if you connect iron and flint together?

flint and steel it is used to light fires

How do you strike flint and steel in minecraft on MAC?

right click

Where is steel located in minecraft xbox 360?

steel is really iron in the game they don't say flint and iron they say flint and steel because steel sounds better.

How do you download minecraft on iPod to get flint and steel in your inventory on creative?

It is impossible to get flint and steel in creative mode on Pocket Editions unless you have a mod.

How do you get fire-maker in minecraft pocket edition?

By crafting a flint and steel

What can you do with flint on Minecraft?

flint and steel use it to detonate tnt ^.^