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It is impossible to get flint and steel in creative mode on Pocket Editions unless you have a mod.

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Q: How do you download minecraft on iPod to get flint and steel in your inventory on creative?
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How do you get flint and steel on minecraft creative mode?

Flint and steel are in the "Tools" section of the Creative inventory.

How do you get flint in mine craft pocket edition creative mode?

You can't currently get flint in Minecraft PE.

How do you light up TNT in minecraft PE In creative?

Unfortunately you cant because there is no way to get flint and steel. :(

How do you create fire on the app minecraft?

Obtain flint from destroying gravel, and find iron by mining it out underground, Then in your inventory make this shape with the flint and iron: Where F=Flint Where S=Iron -S F-

How do you get flent and seel in minecraft pe creative?

Unfortunately Flint&Steel isn't available in the current version of Minecraft P.E. They have however released that either redstone and or flint&steel will be released/added in the next "big" update.

How do you blow up TNT in minecraft pocket edition creative?

Flint and Steel in Survival Mode. Can't in creative.

How do you get flint and steel in minecraft pocket edition creative?

as of 0.6.0, it is currently impossible to acquire a "flint and steel" in creative mode. this is most likely due to the low processing power ram capacity of today's mobile phones. however, there are some mobile mods that somehow bypass mojang's efforts and allow the use of flint and steel in creative. did i sound smart? keep in mind that i am not smart and that this is just practice for my report next month.

Can you make a fire in minecraft PC creative mode?

yes you can use flint and steel or put lava under the ground

How do you blow up tnt on phone minecraft?

On Minecraft Pocket Edition, it is impossible to detonate TNT in creative mode. In survival mode, you have to obtain a flint (from mining gravel) and iron (from iron ore) and create flint and steel. You then have to create the TNT and lay it down. Then just tap the TNT with the flint and steel.

How do you make fire on the free minecraft?

You can't. Creative mode doesn't have fire. If your not talking about creative mode, I believe you just get Flint and Steel. Same way as full version.

What do you use flint for on minecraft?

A flint and tinder

How do you find steel and flint in minecraft?

flint goes in 1x2 and iron goes in 2x1 [][][] [here][][] [][here][] hope that helped