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There is no first-person view option.

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Q: How do you get first person view on gears of war 3?
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Are gears of war games 1st person shooter games?

no, gears of war is a 3rd person shooter

What is the first book in the gears of war series?

The first in Karen Traviss' series is Gears of War: Aspho Fields.

What is the difference between third and first person games?

1st person games are when u can see through the characters eyes, like halo or call of duty 4. 3rd person games are when u get an over the shoulder view of the game like gears of war.

Is gears of wars 2 a 3 person shooter?

Yes, Gears of War 2 is a 3rd person shooter.

Is gears of war 4 coming out?

Let's wait for gears of war 3 to at least be announced first.

Who is the best person in gears of war?

Marcus fenix

How do you make a first person view in medieval total war?

you press instert

How do you get a first person view in medieval total war?

you cant but in empire total war you just press insert

Who was the first person to buy gears of war 2?

ok no one knows that not even the people got the game and are game experts know.

How do you get onyx guard on gears of war 3?

Onyx Guard is available for multiplayer via the first DLC pack for Gears of War 3.

Gears of war 2 What is host?

host the person who the admin of that game

What is gears of war like?

gears of war is the best but gears of war 2 is better