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If your going to a event like the celebi event February 21-march6 2011 you can go to GameStop or toys r us that's were it might be and ask them how

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Q: How do you get events on Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get the azura flute in Pokemon Pearl?

you cant get the azure flute on Pokemon pearl except from trade events or trading

How do you get dakray in Pokemon Platinum?

the only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon diamond or pearl you can get it on diamond and pearl by special events

When can you obtain Pokemon events in Pokemon Pearl?

America. But unfortunatly these events ended years ago. You will have to cheat now.

Do events on Pokemon Pearl repeat cause I missed one?

no they do not

When will Pokemon Diamond and Pearl events be in the UK?

in about five months

How do you get the Pokemon darkri in Pokemon Pearl?

go to and they tell you the events what about after allevents are over

Pokemon HeartGold where is Arceus?

pokemon events, or trade the event pokemon from a diamond/pearl/platinum game.

What are the Pokemon events in diamond and pearl?

the Pokemon events are meant for trainers to get Darkria, Shaymin, and possibly Arceus but the informtion for that Pokemon hasn't been released yet

Do they repeat Pokemon events because I missed the one for Manaphy on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

there is no event for manaphy you have to get it from Pokemon ranger

Can Pokemon Diamond and Pearl wonder card events be used in Pokemon platinum?

No I don't think so.

How do you get Arceus on Pokemon diamond pearl with out any events?

you get arceus at spear piller

When do you get Deoxys Mew and Celebi in Pokemon on pearl with mystery gift?

need to get their events