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It's only available using the /give or /i command or via inventory editors.

In Singleplayer you can install Single Player Commands. Once it is installed,

type /i 119 1 in-game for 1 end portal block. This does not work for multiplayer.

In general: /i [data value] [amount]

The number 119 stands for the data value of the block. (Each block has a

number, for end portal blocks this is 119).

In Multiplayer you either can use the commands provided by the server

(sometimes a certain rank is required), or use client-side (=on your computer)

cheats. The last option is not recommended, because then you will have the

risk of getting kicked or even banned.

The command in multiplayer - provided by the server - could be

/give [player] [data value] [amount] , /i [data value] [amount] or

even some other command (depends on the server).

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Q: How do you get end portal blocks in Minecraft?
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How do you get the end portal on Minecraft to work?

You have to put 12 eyes of ender in each of the portal blocks. Then, it should activate.

How do you get out of the end in minecraft if you destroyed the portal?

You shouldn't be able to, first off. But if you somehow smashed bedrock and all the portal blocks, you have to die to leave the End.

What is the item ID for End portal blocks in Minecraft?

114 or 116. something like that :D

How do you create an End Portal in Minecraft 1.4.5?

You can either do it on creative by putting 12 end portal blocks in a square and placing eyes of ender in the slots and in survival find a stronghold with an eye of ender and then place in the eyes of ender in the room with the end portal in

Can you make a nether portal in minecraft pe with diamond blocks?


What blocks do you use to make a nether portal on minecraft?

A portal to the Nether requires ten Obsidian blocks (eco version) or fourteen Obsidian blocks for the full version.

How do you go to the end in creative mode in minecraft?

You can create an Ender Portal using Ender Portal Frame blocks from your inventory and activate it using Eyes of Ender

How do you make an end portal minecraft?

Place 3 End Portal Frame blocks on each side without corners, then place Eye of Ender in each frame to activate your portal. Note that, End Portal Frames cannot be obtained using Creative Mode and the give command. Mods will be required to obtain it.

How do you repair your portal to the end on Minecraft 1.2.3 I accidentally clicked on 2 blocks and they went away and there was nothing there for me to pick up from them. Please help?

You can't repair it because you don't have the block that you destroyed to rebuild the end portal.

What are the names of the portals in Minecraft?

There are 2 portals you can craft in Minecraft. The Nether Portal and The End Portal.

How do you make a portal in minecraft pe?

14 blocks of obsidian in a block formation

How do you go to the end in mine blocks?

In Minecraft you must find a stronghold that holds an end portal. You will also need 9 ender eyes to activate the portal. Ener pearls drop form Enderman and you can craft the ender eyes from them.