How do you get drain punch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to get TM drain punch u have to beat maylene in the veilstone gym

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Q: How do you get drain punch?
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When does breloom learn drain punch?

It doesn't learn Drain Punch at any level. It, and all other pokemon, only learn Drain Punch through TM60 in Gen IV.

What is raticate's weakness?

A fighting type move, such as Mach Punch, Drain Punch or Focus Punch.

How do you get drain punch in Pokemon FireRed?


What is the best moveset for buneary?

Ice Beam,Bounce,Dizzy Punch,and Drain Punch or Thunderbolt

How do you get a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch?

Drain Punch is one of Scraggy's egg moves so you will need to get a female of either Scrafty or Scraggy as well as males of either Smeargle, Treecko, Grovlye, Sceptile, Mienshao, Mienfoo, Lucario, Kecleon or Spinda that knows Drain Punch and then you can put them into the Daycare and then you can get a Pokemon Egg from the Daycare Man that will hatch into a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch.

Is drain punch effective against water Pokemon?


Is drain punch a TM in Pokemon black and white?


Where do you get TM drain punch in Pokemon black?

You can get it at shopping mall 9

Can a gallade learn drain punch?

Yes it can. It also might be a good idea if you let Gallade hold a Big Root if it knows Drain Punch. (Big Roots increase the amout of HP you receive after hitting the opponent with a move such as Absorb, Mega Drain, and Dream Eater.)

Why can't Machop learn drain punch?

Because it would be to much op

What is TM 60 in Pokemon Platinum?

Tm 60 in Pokemon Platinum is drain punch

Rate my Pokemon Gallade Level 61 Leaf Blade Ice Punch Psycho Cut and Drain Punch holding an Icicle Plate?

Pretty good!