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pal park with Pokemon ruby sapphire emerald fire-red and leaf-green. get the birth island cheat from supercheats.

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Q: How do you get dioxes in Pokemon peal?
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How do you get dioxes on Pokemon FireRed?

trade from Ruby or sapphire

Can you find dioxes in Pokemon Emerald?

It's possible if you have a gameshark or there's a Nintendo event only

Who is Pokemon 114 in Pokemon peal?

The Pokemon is : Unknown

How do you get to the 2 gym in Pokemon peal?

do you go with the floow

In Pokemon peal do you battle the gym leaders?


Where do you see drifloon on Pokemon peal?

Battle a Trainer.

How do you get a shaymin in Pokemon peal?

you get shaymin in Pokemon pearl by a event comming soon.

Where do you catch palkea in Pokemon peal?

In Pokemon Pearl, you catch Palkia in the Spear PIllar.

Is there a item that stops a Pokemon going to sleep in Pokemon Peal?

awakening and a chesto berry

Were to find the daycare in Pokemon peal?

It's in Solaceon Town.

How can you trade in Pokemon peal without two games?


Can you trade Pokemon from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series to Pokemon Diamond Peal or Platinum?

no because they are diffrent sieries