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its impossible unless you trade it

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Q: How do you get different forms of Rotom not platinum?
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Can Rotom change forms?

Rotom can change forms in platinum

How can you get Rotom to change forms in Pokemon Platinum Version?

give him a secret key the different secret key the different rotom

How do you evolve Rotom in pokemon pearl?

you can't rotom has five different forms, which are only in platinum, with an event.

How do you get different forms of Rotom in Diamond?

not possible. you cna only do this in platinum

In Pokemon platinum what does the secret key do?

You unlock a place where Rotom can change its forms.

What are the silluets in Pokemon platinum and how do you get them?

They are rotom forms they are in the old mansion.

How do you make Rotom change forms on Pokemon platinum?

you cant now...

Where do you get the Rotom forms in Pokemon diamond?

You don't spazz that's platinum

Can you get Rotom's other forms without the secret key on pok'emon platinum?

You cant.

Pokemon pearl what is the secret key?

It changes Rotom's forms, but it only is in Platinum.

How do you get other forms of Rotom?

you can only get them in platinum with the secrit key which you can get with wifi and go to the galactic HQ top left corner and use the secrt key and there are the rotom forms

How do you get more than one Rotom in Pokemon platinum?

You would have to trade for them. For different forms, you will require Wi-Fi to obtain the mystery gift needed to make him change forms.