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You can get one from a Carvanha, or Sharpedo. Both have a 5% chance of holding one. Good luck, get catching!

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Q: How do you get deepseatooth in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you evolve clampearl in Pokemon pearl?

Trade it holding the DeepSeaTooth or the DeepSeaScale. DeepSeaTooth will give you Huntail, DeepSeaScale will give you Gorebyss.

What Pokemon evolve holding a deep sea tooth in Pokemon black?

The only Pokemon that evolves with the deepseatooth is Clamperl, who, using the deepseatooth, evolves into Huntail.

What Pokemon hold the deepseatooth?


What pokemon evolve with a deepseatooth?

Clamperl when traded

What does the deepseaclaw do in Pokemon Sapphire?

The deepseaclaw is not an item there is a deepseascale and deepseatooth.

How do you get hauntail in Pokemon?

In Pokemon emerald, ruby or sapphire: Get a Camperl and a Deepseatooth, equip it to Camperl, and trade it. It will instantly evolve into Huntail. Be careful, if you've already chosen the Deepseascale, you cannot get a Deepseatooth.

How do you get the deepseatooth to evolve in Pokemon emerald?

FIrst you must get a scanner. Then you give it to a guy in the slateport port. He will let you choose between deepseatooth and deepseascale.

What does a deepseatooth do in Pokemon Sapphire?

If given to clampearl then traded it will become huntail.

Where can you get a deepseatooth in Pokemon Black?

Either in Route 13 or Route 17.

How do you evolve a Clamperl in Pokemon Emerald?

Clamperl evolves by holding a DeepSeaScale or a DeepSeaTooth and then trading it to another game, a DeepSeaTooth evolves it into a Huntail and a DeepSeaScale evolves it into a Gorebyss.

Hoe to evolve clampearl in Pokemon pearl?

you trade holding deepseatooth or deepseascale. they are held by wild pkmnFirst you get a clamperl holding deep sea tooth (huntail) or deep sea scale (gorebyss) and trade it.

How do you get deepseatooth in Pokemon Emerald?

You get it in Slateport City, by Capt. Stern. Hope I helped :)