How do you get cresselia easily?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Q: How do you get cresselia easily?
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Cresselia dreams in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

After a little while into the post game, Cresselia starts appearing into your dreams or at least Darkrai is. He was pretending to be Cresselia. Cresselia is really good, but the Cresselia in the dreams are Darkrai's doing.

How do you get cresselia on your team on explorers of sky?

I looked it up, you can get Cresselia, but it doesn't say how. It only says you can get Cresselia at Sharpedo Bluff.

Icy wind or ice beam on a Cresselia?

Well, Ice beam for a Choice Specs Cresselia and Icy Wind for a Cresselia with high stats on defense

Where do you catch Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond?

you find cresselia on full moon island

Can you catch cresselia in cerulean cave?

no, cresselia can only be caught in gens 4+

Why has Cresselia disappeared off your map?

If Cresselia disappeared off of your map completely, then you have already caught Cresselia, or there is a glitch in your game where Cresselia has just disappeared off of your map. Further details would be needed for a more in-depth assessment as to why this has happened if neither of the two reasons stated are why Cresselia isn't on your map.

What moves does cresselia have?

Cresselia knows confusion, aurora beam, magical leaf, and slash

Why does it say area unknown for cresselia?

because it was only one and not the whole colony of cresselia

How do you get Cresselia in Pokemon Rumble blast?

You get cresselia eventually once you beat all the treetops.

What evolves into Cresselia?

Cresselia doesn't evolve and nothing evolves into it. So its just one Pokemon.

What lv does Milotic evolve into Cresselia in indigo?

WHAT WORLD ARE YOU IN!!! Nowhere does it say Milotic evolves into Cresselia!

What is the national pokedex number for Cresselia?

Cresselia is #488 in the national pokedex, and it is a Psychic type Pokemon.