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To get special sim skins (such as vampire and alien) :

Do the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (no Quotaion marks) cheat and after that go into create-a-sim

Now press shift N and you will unlock a heap of new outfits, hairstyles, etc.

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Q: How do you get costume skin in he sims 2?
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How do you you get nude on the sims 2 psp?

you have to buy the costume trunk(aspiration unlock)and put on costume then select take off

How can you be a mermaid and fairy in the sims 2?

You can't really be a mermaid or fairy on Sims 2. But go on or go to a downloading place for sims 2 and there should be a mermaid or fairy COSTUME. Download that and go to one of the stores in the town. The costume should be there and so buy it. Then go to your dresser at home and put it on.

Can your sim be an angel on sims 2?

No Unless You Download A Movement Thing And A Angel Costume

How do you run in the nood on The Sims 3?

haha you probs wont like to hear this but you can't. on sims 2 you can download a patch to do it and also on sims 2 you can buy a costume changer and click 'wear nothing' but on sims 3 you cant

Can you change your skin color on Sims 2?

No you can't.

Sims 2 ps2 nude?

Buy A Costume trunk (their is one in Sunset Cannon) You have a choice of things you can put on free roam Robot Costume Panda Costume Space Suit Yeti Costume No clothes : Run around NAKED

How do you get rid of a bad makeover on sims 2?

i figured it out! you go to a mirror and put on a different costume makeup and then when you take that off it will be gone :) (try it with a not-downloded costume makeup)

How do you change skin color on Sims 2?

Go to the salarium and get a tan

Is there costume makeup available for those with sensitive skin?

Yes, there is costume makeup available for those with sensitive skin.

How do you get a sailor moon character on sims 2?

Go to, click on exchange/sims. Then search any naruto character you want and it will come up. Download it and get it on your sims game.

How do you get deidara's hair on sims 2?

It sipmle really allyou have to do is go to this link---> and go to exchange sims then type in Deidara and you get the whole costume Un!^_V

How do you get custom skin color in Sims 2?

C:\Documents\EA Games, then go to your sims 2 game folder, then downloads folder in that folder and open the zip file of the skin and take the class files and drag the contents in their.