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C:\Documents\EA Games, then go to your sims 2 game folder, then downloads folder in that folder and open the zip file of the skin and take the class files and drag the contents in their.

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Q: How do you get custom skin color in Sims 2?
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Can you change your skin color on Sims 2?

No you can't.

How do you change skin color on Sims 2?

Go to the salarium and get a tan

How do you get custom hair on the sims 2 nightlife?

You can download custom hair from the Official Sims 2 Website and Mod the Sims.

If you download custom content on the sims 2 and uninstall the sims 2 does the custom content stay on the sims 2?

Happy Simming! <3 FSC

What is The Sims 2 body shop?

The Sims 2 bodyshop is a place where you can make custom sims and clothes for them.

How do you get mod the Sims 2?

You can't "get" mod the sims 2, it is a web sit with a lot of custom content and hacks for The Sims 2

How do you make custom sims on sims 2?

custom sims can be done by using Body shopgo to Start/All programs/your latest Sims 2 game/ Body shopit might take a little while to open but when it does you can create sims.

Can you make your own hair on sims 2 double deluxe?

If you know how to make custom content then you can. Mod the Sims has a "how to" tutorial on custom content.

Can you have custom eyes on the old version of sims 2?

yes you can customize eyes for your sims on body shop or download them on the sims 2 website

Can you put your music on the first sims games?

No, you can only put custom music in the Sims 2.

Can you download Custom content for sims 2 from other websites?


Can you make custom hair colors on sims 2 bodyshop?