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Play multiplayer matches and after the match is over you will see that you have gained cod points.

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Q: How do you get cod points in Black Ops?
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Is there cod points in call of duty black ops for ps3?

Yes. When yourches online and on combat training you get Cod Points(:

How do you unlock light weight in black ops?

You buy it with COD points

How do you get cod points for wager matches?

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, to get COD points in wager matches you have to come in the top 3.

When you prestige on call of duty black ops do you lose your cod points?

Nah. If you did, I would have 0 CoD Points, right now.

What is the most expensive gun in cod black ops?

All the guns are the same price. 2000 CoD points. Except for the pistols which are 1500 CoD points

When you get the ak47 in black ops?

level 38 and it will cost 2000 cod points

What is after cod black ops?

MW3 is after COD black ops.

How many cod points do you get for one kill in cod black ops?

500 for search and 50 for domanation and 50 for headquaters

What level do you unlock the l96a1 in black ops?

Level 27, for 2000 cod points

How do you get a golden gun in Black ops?

By becoming 14 Prestige for 50,000 Cod points.

How do you get a sight in black ops?

go to attachments for the gun you want it and buy it with cod points

What is better dragon age 2 or cod black ops?

Cod black ops