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You want a Breloom hunh? Well, catch a Shroomishin Petalburg Woods or anywhere else and train it until it evolves. If I can remember correctly, it should evolve anytime before it hits Level 40, so if possible, give your Shroomish the EXP share and take your bestPokemon to the Elite Four and fight them over and over until he levels - If you can't do the Elite Four then just find trainers, and the best trainers for training are Breeders, but any will do. - Breloom is a very useful Pokemon as it has control over considerably powerful moves.

Breloom = Under Level 40

Shroomish evolve into Breloom at level 23

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Q: How do you get breloom in Pokemon ruby?
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Is their any good Pokemon on ruby?

yes they r blazeiken richu breloom glaily flygon and your groudon

What type of Pokemon is Breloom?

Breloom is a Grass and Fighting type pokemon.

Where is breloom in ocenaia in Pokemon ruby destiny rescue ranger?

there is a pikachu blocking the road right,after you found shaymin, you able to go trough the pikachu's blocking way,follow the road you will see breloom

Does the Pokemon breloom evolve?

no, breloom doesnt evolve. shroomish evolves in to breloom but that's it

Are these good Pokemon for ruby Swampert Magcargo Manectric Breloom Walrein and Mightyena?

...Not bad, make sure they know some good moves.

Does breloom evolve in pokemon?

Breloom does not evolve, but it is the evolved form of Shroomish.

Is breloom a good Pokemon?

Breloom is a good Pokemon because it has high hp and it can learn good moves

How do you get a fighting type Pokemon ruby?

The first fighting pokemon you can encounter in Ruby is in the cave at the island with the second gym. That one is makuhita. You can also catch a Shroomish in the forest south of Rustboro. Shroomish evolves into Breloom who is a grass/fighting type.

When does brellom learn mach punch?

Breloom learns mach punch at the same levels in diamond/pearl and ruby/sapphire. In ruby/sapphire, it learns it at level 23. This is a good move for breloom because it is not the fastest Pokemon around and this move allows you to get in a quick finishing blow against a fast foe.

What Pokemon is No286 in Pokemon sapphire?

Pokemon No. 286 is Breloom.

What Pokemon does Shroomish evolve into?


What Pokemon evolves into breloom?