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Wattson is easy as long as you have a ground type Pokemon like Marshtomp and use ground type moves like mud shot or have a grass type Pokemon like Grovyle or Breloom.

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Q: How do you beat Wattson in Pokemon ruby?
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Which gym in Pokemon ruby is the third?

Wattson the electric gym.

What do you do in Pokemon Ruby after you helped wattson?

helping wattson isn't manditory so from mauville go up or north

What Pokemon does wattson have?

He uses electric Pokemon. His Pokemon differ between "ruby and sapphire" and "emerald".

Who in the 5 gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

roxanne, brawly, wattson, flannery, norman.

What type of Pokemon do you need to beat Wattson in Mauville City?


Where is the electric gym in Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokemon ruby, the first electric gym is wattson's gym, it is the third badge you obtain in the game. A good strategy to beat him is to bring along a ground type, or a fire type since he uses a Pokemon called magneton, which is Electric/Steel.

How do you get through new mauville in Pokemon emerald?

First beat the Mauville Gym leader, Wattson.

Where do you get lighting in Pokemon sapphire?

At new mauville after you beat your dad go to wattson and he'll give you directions

Do you have to beat the Pokemon league in ruby and Pokemon FireRed to trade?

you only have to beat the elite 4 on Pokemon fire red not ruby

Your Pokemon ruby is saying that you beat the slateport city gym leader and only have 2 badges where is the 3rd gym leader?

You go to Mauville, which can be reached when you go avoi Brendan/May, because he/she is strong! Then just use common sense and reach Mauville, you will need to beat Wattson, electric type. Try using rare candies, or go to a day care, cuz Wattson strong and ur Pokemon will need to train cuz Wattson's pokmn.'s lv.'s are: Lv.23, Lv.22, Lv.20.

How do you beat Pokemon Ruby?

you play it

Where to beat elite four on pokemon ruby?

The Pokemon League