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it is easy.

1. have two DS and two Pokemon games and turn them on.

2.then take the first one and have the first starter.

3.then take the second DS and have the second starter.

4.keep playing the second DS and catch any two Pokemon(ex: two bidoof's).

5.take the first DS and trade the first starter to one of the bidoof's.

6.delete the save file in the first DS and retry it.

7.have the third starter. it to the second bidoof. the game in the second DS.

10.enjoy a powerful team with a nice three starters.

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Q: How do you get all the Pokemon pearl starters with no action replay?
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What are the action replay codes for getting the Jhoto starters on Pokemon Pearl? Has every single action replay code for Pokemon pearl. You wont believe some of the stuff you can do with these codes!

How do you get all three starters in Pokemon diamond version without action replay?

By trading the other starters with other players of Diamond or Pearl.

Can you get Pokemon black and white starters on Pokemon pearl without trading or having Pokemon black or white?

no it is immpossable unless you have an action replay with the Pokemon modifier code

What is the code for the Pokemon modifier for Pokemon Pearl for an action replay?

ANSWER:www.supercheats.comsearch for Pokemon Pearl for the Action Replay and you'll eventually find it.

Can you get starters from any other regions in Pokemon pearl?

No. You can only pick Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. If you want starters from a different region, there might be an action replay code for it.

Action replay code for getting all the starters in the beginning of the game on Pokemon pearl?

I have an Action Replay, but my pearl is on a R4. So you have to trade, or look for something ongts. It's either you or your friend restart his game 7 times

Is an ds action replay smaller then an Pokemon Pearl ds?

Pokemon pearl ds card is smaller then a action replay

How do you get to shamen in Pokemon Pearl in Pokemon Pearl?

action replay or event

Action replay codes 4 Pokemon Pearl?

go to .com and search Pokemon pearl action replay codes

How do you get action replay on Pokemon Pearl ds?

First you buy the Action Replay at stores such as BestBuy,WalMart, hopefully your local GameStop. The Action Replay is not programed in Pokemon Pearl you have to buy it.

How do you get legendarstarters for Pokemon pearl?

If you mean how to get the other starters other than the one you chose, the only ways are: 1. Trade (link or GTS) 2. Hack with PokeSav, or Action Replay If you mean how to use ledgendaries as starters, 1. Hack with Action Replay or PokeSav

How do you get awosame Pokemon on peril?

(if you mean pearl) using action replay (if you mean pearl) using action replay