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By trading or using cheat codes. You can go out and get an action replay and cheat or you can get the c gear go into the pokemon center and go to the lady at the right. Then click global trade and click Either GTS or GTS Negotiations 1 makes you connect wth some 1 and u don't know what you will get on the other you choose what you want but who ever you get it from will want a pokemon too...

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Q: How do you get all of the starter pokemon in pokemon black?
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How do you get all three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Trade for them.

How do you get all of the 3 starter Pokemon on Pokemon black version?

You have to make a trade

Are all 3 starter pokemon in Black and white male?

The gender ratio for a starter pokemon to be a male is higher than the starter pokemon to be a female but it is possible to get female starters.

Do you choose a starter Pokemon on pkmn black and white?

Yes, you do get to choose a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White Versions.

All starter Pokemon evolutions for black and white?

No man no man

What starter Pokemon is best on Pokemon Black?


What do you do after you beat Pokemon trainer red and the elite four and the champion and got starter Pokemon?

complete pokedex,get black trainer card,get all legandarie Pokemon even from platinum,and get all youre 3 starter Pokemon to lv 100 :)

How do you get another starter Pokemon in Pokemon White?

You have to trade a starter to another Pokemon white or black game then trade the Pokemon back.

What are the starters Pokemon in Pokemon B and W version?

The Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 are Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy.

Can you walk with your starter Pokemon in pokemon black and white 2?


Can you find starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white 2?


How do you get oshott in Pokemon Black?

get it as a starter pokemon from professor juniper