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trade or migrate them


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Q: How do you get all lengendary Pokemon?
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Where are all the legendareys?

the lengendary birds are in caves ex. moltres is at mt. ember and the ground lengendary Pokemon pop out of the grass once in the game. it depends on what your starter Pokemon is to what lengendary ground Pokemon you'll get.

All Pokemon lv 100 code works for lengendary Pokemon?


How do you get wallpapers for the PC in Pokemon?

you give up all of your lengendary Pokemon

How can you get all the lengendary Pokemon in FireRed?

Cheat codes. :)

Can you get all three lengendary dogs if you trade and get all three starter pokemon in pokemon leafgreen?

no you can not

Name some lengendary Pokemon on Firered you can get without a gameshark If sowhat are they?

the Pokemon are pigey, mew2 first of all there are more than that and second pigey is not lengendary

Does semi lengendary count as a lengendary in Pokemon?

yes sort of

Is gorebyss a lengendary Pokemon?


Is Zapdos a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

Yes Zapdos is a lengendary on Pokemon indigo and all other Pokemon games

Is Ditto a lengendary Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

no, but it is awsome!!!

Can lengendary pokemon evolve?

no they cant

How do you get lengendary dog Pokemon?

use a Action replay and go to Google and type in codejunkies and then there is the the three lengendary codes and other Pokemon ones