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The game directors designed the games so that neither

Reshiram or Zekrom can be shiny. You'll have to use Action Replay or cheat.

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Q: How do you get a shiny Reshiram in black?
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How do you get a shiny Reshiram in Pokemon black?

It's impossible unless you use Action Replay- Gamefreak programmed it so you cannot get a shiny Reshiram through normal means. Forcing the legit Reshiram to be shiny will result in game freeze, the only way to get Shiny Reshiram is through Pokemon Modifier and Shiny Code.

Where can you catch Reshiram in White?

Reshiram is exclusive to Pokemon Black, you'll have to trade for it. you could hack the game with Action replay for DSi (works for all DS consoles BTW) and get a shiny reshiram, but if not it is impossible to catch Reshiram in white. only zekrom

How do you catch a reshiram in Pokemon X?

You can't, the only way to obtain a Reshiram in this game is to transfer one from a Generation V game (Black/White and their sequels) using the Poké Transporter or trade with another player that already has one.

Can you find Zekrom and reshiram in black?

You can only find Reshiram in Pokemon Black

Is Reshiram in Pokemon Black?

Yup, Reshiram is in Pokemon Black and Zekrom is on Pokemon White. :)

Can you catch reshiram in white?

No. Reshiram is a Black only Pokemon.

Where can you find reshiram in white?

You don't find Reshiram in Pokemon White. You can only get Reshiram in Black.

Where is reshiram in Pokemon White?

Reshiram is not in White. You can only find it in Black.

Can you catch Reshiram in Pokemon Black?

Yes, Reshiram is Black's legendary. You will not be able to catch Zekrom though.

How do you get a shiny Pokémon in Pokémon white?

see the shiny Pokemon u want about um lets say 187 times then the next time it will be shiny (i did this with a slowpoke on Pokemon black and white) if u try to get a shiny legendry save in front of the legendry then battle it if it not shiny turn off your game and battle it again till its shiny but don't bother doing this on reshiram zekrom or victini because they have shiny sprites but they will not appear because they are legally set so u cant get the shiny sprites so u have to hack to get shiny zekrom victini and reshiram but this works with virizion terrikion cobilion and kyurem hope this helps =D

Where do you get Reshiram in Pokemon White?

Reshiram is unavailable in Pokemon White. You need Black to get it.

Can you catch shiny zeckrom in pokemon white?

No they programmed the game so you can't catch shiny victini, reshiram, and zekrom. All other pokemon can be found shiny.