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You have to use a good or super rod in route 6 and the other routes I can't remember lol

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Q: How do you get a poliwhirl on FireRed and with what rod?
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What rod to use to get poliwhirl in FireRed?

Super rod use it in viridian city.

How do you get poliwhirl in pokemon Firered?

use a super rod on the pond north of vermilion city

Where can you get a poliwhirl on Pokemon FireRed?

If you use a super rod in the water in viridian city you can find one sometimes.

How do you catch a pollywag on Pokemon FireRed?

Using the good rod or super rod in vermilion city's small body of water will every now and then get you poliwag or even poliwhirl.

Where do you get poliwhirl in LeafGreen?

Poliwhirl is not obtainable in leafgreen trade one from firered.

When does poliwhirl evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

When you give the poliwhirl a water stone

Where do you get politoed in pokemon firered?

you can get a poliwhirl or a poliwag and evolve to poliwhirl!! then trade poliwhirl holding a king's rock.

With what rod you can catch poliwag in Pokemon fire red?

good rod or super rod next to bills house.You can also catch a Poliwhirl there.Poliwag is not in leafgreen you get horsea instead via the good rod and super rod. To get poliwag trade one from firered.

Where to catch Poliwhirl or Poliwrath in Pokemon FireRed?

If you have access to Two Island, look in the Cape Brink for Poliwhirl.

Where can you trade a poliwhirl in Firered?

in a house in cerulean for a jynx

Which rod do you use to get poliwhirl?

super rod. but u might catch it with a good rod

Is there an easy way to get poliwhirl in FireRed?

Yes there are a few locations where you can find Poliwhirl in the wild specifically in the water one spot that has worked the best for me is Viridan City. Use the Super Rod in the small pool left from the Pokemon Center a couple times until it appears.