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in ruby/sapphire you can not. only on emerald.

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Q: How do you get a phone in the PokeNav in Pokemon Ruby?
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Is there only phone in the pokenav in Pokemon Emerald and not in Pokemon Ruby?

no its in ruby,saphire and emrald.

What is a pokenav in Pokemon Platinum?

PokeNav is only featured in Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire, and Emerald.

Where is the pokenav in Pokemon light platinum?

There's no Pokenav since Pokemon Light Platinum's build is from Pokemon Ruby.

What do you need to make pokesav work on platinum?

THERE IS NO POKENAV IN POKEMON PLATINUM! If your talking about the poketch, tap the red buttons on the bottom screen. If not, YOU CAN ONLY FIND THE POKENAV IN POKEMON RUBY, SAPPIRE, AND EMERALD!

Were is route 105 in Pokemon ruby?

On the water between Petalburg City and Dewford. If you have a pokeNav you can check that.

Where do you get the vs seeker on Pokemon Ruby?

the answer is no!. in Pokemon ruby they swaped the vs seeker for the pokenav trainers eyes after beating petalburg gym look on trainers eyes on your pokenav and if they have a pokeball symbol next to their name that means they want to battle it will give the trainers location and what they look like hope this helped :)

Where do you find the trainer's eye in Pokemon ruby version?

it's easy all you do is look in your pokenav and select trainer's eyes

Where do you get town map in Pokemon ruby?

You don't get it in you key item's bag like in FireRed.It's on your pokenav once you obtain the system.

How do you get the town map on pokemon ruby?

There is no town map. You might be referring to the Pokenav, which is Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald's version of the Town Map. You can get it at Rustboro City from the Devon Corporation's President.

Where to get Pokenav in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can't you can on emeraldFirered nor leafgreen can get the pokenav this item exists only in ruby, sapphire and emerald.

How do you remach trainers in Pokemon ruby?

To rematch trainers, look in the pokenav's trainer's eyes and if the little pokeball looking symbol appears by their name, you can rematch them by talking to them.

How do you get a PokeNav on Pokemon pearl?

I don't think you can. They were just in the Hoenn games. (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) I have Diamond and Platinum, and neither of them have one. Sorry, dude or dudette.