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In order to get a gift via Mystery Gift from a friend, the gift will need to be sharable and your friend will need to share it however all sharable gifts will have a specific number of limits the friend can share it. Also Nintedo of America never distributed anything that was sharable, Nintendo of Japan is the only one that allowed an event to be sharable and the only one that they allowed was the Secret Key for their Pokémon Platinum players. In the event of a friend sharing a gift, you would need to select "Get from a friend" in the Mystery Gift menu." Mystery Gifts are not sharable after Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

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Japanese versions of Pokemon Platinum allowed the players to send the secret key to 4 other players. This capability is yet to be used in the us. The wonder card will indicate if the gift can be re-sent.

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Q: How do you get a mystery gift from friends?
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to get mystery gift, talk to a guy on the third floor of jubilife city and he will ask you 2 questions. for the first one type everyone happy, and for the second type Wi-Fi Connection. then save and when you turn on your game you will have a mystery gift option

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