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It is held by wild Pokemon in new mavile which are the magnet pokemons whatever they are called............

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Q: How do you get a metal coat in Pokemon in sapphire?
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How do you evolve onix in Pokemon Sapphire?

Need a metal coat and trade like a golem I like Pokemon so much that i almost played every Pokemon game

What Pokemon evolve with Metal Coat?

the Pokemon that evolve with metal coat are steelix and scisor

How do you get a metal coat on sapphire?

you have to trade a metal coat from fire red or leaf green P.s. also every magnimite has a 4% chance it is holding a metal coat

Where do you get Metal coat in Pokemon platimnum?

The Metal Coat can be found on Iron Island.

How do you coat a non metal object with a metal coat?

You dont, you make the pokemon hold it

Where can you find a Metal Coat in Sapphire?

You can only find a Metal Coat in Pokémon Sapphire if you steal it from wild Pokémon that will be holding it such as Magnemite, Magneton, Steelix, Beldum, Metang and Metagross.

What is a metal coat on Pokemon?

When held by a Pokémon, the Metal Coat boots the power of Steel-type moves.

Where do you get a metal coat in white version?

I have that game and I got my metal coat from a fighting Pokemon holding one

Where do you get a metal coat on pokemon leafgreen?

You find a metal coat near the memorable pillar on five island.

How do you get another metal coat in Pokemon FireRed?

if you cach an onix there is a posibility that it could be holding a metal coat

What is metal coat in Pokemon FireRed?


Is metal coat reusable in Pokemon LeafGreen?