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punch, and kick him without defeating him and collect coins that he droop, he will eventually droop a mega mushroom out of his mustache. Someone from YouTube said that when you have 79 coins and do what I mention the mega mushroom will appear around 105 coins to 110 coins, I wanted to test my own theorie about that so I went in chief chilly battle field with around 23 to 25 coins, and I did what I mention, and the mega mushroom showed up when I jump kick chief chilly with 55 coins. Note: The mega mushroom in this game looks like a super mushroom

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Q: How do you get a mega mushroom while battling chilly chief on super Mario 64 DS?
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How do you defeat Chief Chilly on super Mario 64 DS?

you defeat chief chilly by making him fall of the edge i think (i still cannot do it)

In Mario 64 ds how do you beat chief chilly?

Kick him off stage 3 times

How do you defeat chief chilly?

Super Mario 64 - Chill with the Bully / Chief Chilly ChallengeChief Chilly (also known as the Giant Ice Bully) behaves much like a regular Bully: he is knocked back when hit by the player, and can powerfully knock the player around. The player must knock him off the arena.If they are trying to unlock Wario in the DS remake, they must knock Chief Chilly off the arena three times.If they used Action Replay etc. to play the Chief Chilly Challenge as Yoshi, he must ground-pound the boss since he can't punch or kick.If they are trying to get the Star in Snowman's Land, they can use the shiny shell to make the job a lot easier.Mario Kart DS - Level 6 Boss MissionThe player must again knock Chief Chilly off the arena three times by ramming him with Mushroom boosts. It becomes harder to get the third hit because he becomes able to dodge the player.

How do you beat chief chilly to obtain wario's key to the room?

as luigi go to the mirror room and get into the picture that has wario on it (to do that get a power flower and you'll become invisible) jump in and go to the red x marked on the map. jump into the hole and you will see chief chilly ( you can either be Mario or luigi to beat him so it doesn't really matter), all you have to do if get him into the water three times and he will give you warios key.

How do you beat chief chilly in super mario 64 ds?

Punch/kick him off the platform. He is heavy, so it will take a lot of hits to push him off. If you are having trouble, try attacking just before he reaches you.

How do you get wario in Mario 64 ds?

You have to go to the mirror room on the 2nd floor as Luigi. Get the flower on one of the stools and run through the mirror. Jump into the painting on the right and you'll battle Chief Chilly. Then you'll have the key to Wario's room.

Mario 64 ds how do you get Wario?

You have to rescue luigi then go to the mirror room upstairs, collect the power flower then go through the mirror and jump inside the wario painting. There you must beat the boss Chief Chilly and grab the wario key

Wario Mario 64 ds?

OK. To be Wario on Mario 64 DS you have to find Luigi(In the big boo world found in the courtyard)and then use him to go inside the invisible mirror on the upstairs room. Then the picture outside the mirror is Luigi but inside the mirror it is Wario. Hop inside and work your way to Chief Chilly. Defeat him and you get Wario! To be Mario, you have to defeat King Goomba in the 8-star room as Yoshi. You can get Mario very easily.

How To Get Wario In Super Mario 64 DS?

Beat the Chief Chilly (Ice Bully). You need to be Luigi. Go into the mirror room and become invisible. Jump into the mirror and jump into Wario painting. You beat the Ice Bully and then you will unlock Wario's key. Happy Wario!

Who is the most popular video game character?

Master Chief From Halo Series Mario from Mario games Big Boss and Solid Snake from MGS

How do you get Master Chief in Mario Cart DS?

you cant

How do you get luigi and wario in Mario 64 ds?

to get luigi you have to go to boo's mansion with mario. near the place you fight boo, there will be a luigi picthure.hop in it to fight king boo and get the luigi key. to get wario you have to have need a room with mirrors. there will be power flowers. they will make luigi invisable.there will be a wario painting.hop in it to fight chief chilly! that is how you unlock wario and luigi. P.S.go though the mirror door to get a star.