How do you get a magmotar?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you get magby {train to lv.30} or get magmar then find the magmizer {at somewhere or catch magmar {maybe holding a magmizer thatswhy} then trade and then trade back ten it envolves. {sorry if i spell it wrong.}

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Q: How do you get a magmotar?
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Does magmar evolve in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes Magmar does evolve into Magmotar. To do this you must trade magmar while it holds a magmarizer.

How do you evolve magmar in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Well, assuming you already HAVE a Magmar, this can be done by traveling to Cinnabar Island after defeating all 16 gym leaders and reciving Rock Climb from Proffessor Oak. Then, climb the volcano and press "A" while facing the tip of the volcano a bit. Search around a little to find the "Magmarizer". Next, Give it to your Magmar, trade it to someone, then trade back. Pokemon Soulsilver is compatible with Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Heartgold, as well as Soulsilver.An alternative method to evolve Magmar is to give it the "Magmarizer", then place it in the GTS. (Global Trade Station). It is found in Goldenrod city. Be sure to ask for a Pokemon that is impossible to obtain, such as a Level 9 or under Mew, or else you may permanantly lose your Magmar and the Magmarizer.Now, just make a normal trade with any Pokemon by selecting "Seek Pokemon". After you have traded, select "Summary" and take out your Magmar. It will then evolve into Magmotar, assuming the other trade was completed normally.Hope this helped!

What is the best team to beat the elite 4 in Pokemon platinum?

My opinion would be to have a Empoleon for Flint,Bertha,and Cynthias Garchomp.Then an Infernape to get rid of Aarons retarded bugs and Cynthias Roserade.Finally you should get a Pokemon strong against pshycic and a grass to get rid of Cynthias Milotic.Hope this helps!!!!!!! Cynthia's Pokemon Roserade Milotic Garchomp Togekiss Spirittomb Lucario by link08: I have good Pokemon. it took a while to train them but here they are. Empoleon lvl 58 surf waterfall hydro cannon hydro pump Garchomp lvl 60 dragon rush dig dragon meteor flamethrower (TM located at fuego ironworks) Magmotar lvl56 fire punch flamethrower fire blast faint attack Electrivire lvl 59 thunder thunderbolt thunderpunch take down Staraptor lvl57 fly brave bird close combat endeavor Giritina lvl 62 Shadow force shadow claw dragon claw shadow ball

Can someone rate your Pokemon platinum team i am still working on it togekiss lvl 80 rhyperior lvl 78 Metagross lvl 82 grachomp lvl 75 walrein lvl 76 and salamence lvl 72 and salamence make suggestion?

ok first off i think you should take out rhyperior he's cool and everything but he's weakened by alot of types like grass, ice, ground, water, fighting, and steel. salamence is a good choice i myself have one at 91 he's a keeper so is garchomp metagross and walrein as for togekiss i have one but havent used it i find it easy to defeat but like i said ive never used him. also keep in mind that if you keep the team you have 4 of them are weakened by ice , 3 of them being x4.hoped i helped.mmm the rotom forms are average i don't think they are good Pokemon for a party but there are a couple of Pokemon you could use. well i see you don't have legendaries which is cool i myself don't use them either cus of there high stats its no fun but i would suggest a Pokemon with a very good special attack. the reason why is that the four i said you should keep have all high physical attacks and decent special attacks so i would suggest an alakazam, magmotar, magnezone, or gardevoir and if you want someone who is all around good i would pick dragonite he's my favorite Pokemon and he never lets me down, although he is hard to train he ends up having great physical attack good special attack and pretty good speed. the only thing to watch out for when using him is ice, likse with your garchomp and salamence its x4 weakness but dragonite can learn flamethrower, fire blast, fire punch, and flare blitz so he can handle them.HECK,WHAT DOES ROTOM HAVE TO DO WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?!

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Where do you find magmotar?

In the place where magmortar is

Who is better Macargo or Magmortar?

i think magmotar

How do you evolve magmar to a magmotar?

Have it hold magmarizer then trade it.

How do you get a magmotar in Pokemon pearl?

the easiest way is to buy action replay and use the cheat code on it for the thing that makes it evolve and give it to the evolved form of magpy and trade it and walla magmotar hope i helped

How do you hatch a manaphy egg quicker in Pokemon pearl?

have a magmar or magmotar in your team next to the egg

Does magmar evolve in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes Magmar does evolve into Magmotar. To do this you must trade magmar while it holds a magmarizer.

What lvl does magmar need to evolve into magmotar?

magmar dosent evolve by level it evolves by giving it a magmarizer (i think that is what it is called) and then trading it.

What level does mmagmar evolve at in soul silver?

u gots 2 trade magmar so he could go into magmotar. biiird

Can someone trade me a magmar with a magmarizer my friend code is 352365486317 I will trade you a lv 100 lugia?

i can just give you my magmotar if you want my friend code is 1805 9351 6951

When does magmar and electebuzz evolve?

just let magmar hold magmarizer and trade with your friend it will evolve . And for electebuzz let it hold electrizer and trade up you go now you have magmotar and electivire.glad i help.

Will my team be able to beat Cynthia lvl68 electrive lvl62 magmotar lvl52 dialga lvl40 gastrodon lvl45 tentacreul lvl46 luxray?

maybe just train gastodon tentacruel and luxray to at least 55