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safari zone i think, you need to put something like 15 objects in the rocky area.

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Q: How do you get a lunatone HeartGold?
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In Pokemon HeartGold how do you get lunatone?

i did get a lunatone in hg but i cant get a solrock i think you can only get one or the other depending on which one you capture first.

Where can you get lunatone in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to the mountain area and after getting the national pokedex put 15 rock objects and then he'll appear in between levels 40-44

How do you get lunatune in Pokemon HeartGold?

if you mean lunatone then you can get it in the safari zone if the right objects are placed. to find out exactly how visit the pokemon marriland or serebii safari zone guide.

Does lunatone learn earthquake?

yes lunatone can learn earthquake by tm26 although i don't recommend teaching it to your lunatone because of lunatone's low attack stat.

Can a moon stone evolve a lunatone?

No lunatone has no evolution.

Pokemon sapphire what does lunatone evolve to?

Lunatone doesn't evolve.

What type of Pokemon is lunatone?

Lunatone is a Rock and Psychic type pokemon.

How do you get a lunatone?

trade from saphire. Solrock can be found in emerald and ruby, but lunatone is only in saphire.

What is the weakness for solrock and lunatone in Pokemon indigo?

for solrock, it is water. for lunatone it is electric. -RR14

When does lunatone learn ice beam?

You must use the TM to teach ice beam to lunatone.

Where do you find lunatone?

You can find a Lunatone in meteor falls, just south a bit of Fallarbor town.

How do you catch Lunatone in Pokemon Emerald?

You can onl catch LUNATONE in SAPPHIRE but you can catch solrock in emerald