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on wild pikachus theres a 5% chance of finding one

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Q: How do you get a light ball in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you find the light ball in Pokemon pearl?

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How do you get a light ball on Pokemon pearl?

wild pikachus might be holding it when you catch them

Were two find the light ball in Pokemon pearl or platinum or heartgold?

you can get it by getting a pichichu in pearl trade it to heartgold

Where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon Pearl?

where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon pearl

How do you get a light ball without cheats on platinum?

belive it or not light balls only appear in Pokemon dimond and pearl

How do you get the lightball in Pokemon Pearl?

catch alot of pikachus or use thief on them until one 5%pikachu has the light ball mostly i caught one in Pokemon diamond and got the light ball

Pokemon Pearl voltackel?

Breed two pikachu while one is holding a Light Ball.

Pokemon Pearl which Pokemon is in which ball?

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How do you get 5 Master Balls in Pokemon Pearl?

You can get one Master Ball in your GBA game and then migrate to Pokemon Pearl with a Pokemon holding the Master Ball.

How do you find a light ball in the Sinnoh region in Pokemon pearl?

The only way to obtain a Light Ball is by going into Trophy Garden and encountering Pikachu. (They may hold a Light Ball) If one of your Pokemon knows Thief or Covet, you can take the Light Ball from Pikachu. There's only a 5% chance that a wild Pikachu will hold a Light Ball so it my take a few tries.

How can you get a Light Ball on Pokemon diamond pearl or emerald?

its really hard to get a light ball, theres a 5 % that a Pikachu can be holding it. Make sure you have the TM thief or covet or you, won't know if it is holding a light ball or not so make sure you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a light ball in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no Light Ball item in Pokemon Yellow.