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Q: How do you get a lapras in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get the Pokemon lapras in emerald?

You can neither trade from FireRed/LeafGreen to Emerald or using Cheat device.. After all Lapras not wild in Pokemon emerald..

Could you catch lapras in Pokemon Emerald?


What Pokemon evolves into lapras?

in pikachu's jukebox i saw a pokemon evolves into lapras i was not able to see what pokemon that was

What type of Pokemon is lapras?

I believe lapras is a water and ice Pokemon

How do you find a LAPRAS in Pokemon Diamond?

you need a cheat that can catch a trainer's Pokemon to have lapras. because there is a trainer that has a lapras.

Is there a Pokemon that can take me to a noter world?

yes in Pokemon darkness and time lapras in Pokemon pearl,diamond,emerald,ruby,fire red,leaf green and others flying type Pokemon but not in Pokemon rangers

Is lapras tough in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes lapras is a fairly strong Pokemon

What type is lapras?

Lapras is a water and ice Pokemon

My Pokemon party is swampert lairon vibrava ninetails manectric and wailmer in Pokemon emerald please rate and add?

My Pokemon party is Charizard, Lapras, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, and Kingdra for the Leafgreen version. =)

What does lapras evolve into in Pokemon?

Lapras cannot evolve any further in Pokemon, nor does it have a Mega Evolution.

Which is better poliwhirl or lapras in Pokemon soul silver?


What are all the rare pokemon in leafgreen?

mewtwo, zapdos, moltres, articuno, unkown and all the other legendary Pokemon in ruby, Sapphire, emerald, if you have the national pokedex *Unknown aren't really seen as legendary (or that rare for that matter) since there are caves FULL of them.