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you can go onto Pokemon emerald and catch it then go onto pearl, beat the elite 4 and then next time you turn on the game instead of hitting continue hit migrate from emerald... but you have to make sure the Pokemon is not in your party box. then you can migrate it and after that go to the bottem of your pearl map and fly to that green dot play the game and you will find your 6 Pokemon in it. when you do in those six Pokemon will be your peokmon you wanted

You can also use the poke searcher thing just outside of lake valor

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Q: How do you get a houndoom in Pokemon Pearl?
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What route do you catch houndoom on Pokemon diamond?

Houndoom is exclusive to Pokemon Pearl so it must be traded.

How do you get houndoor in Pokemon Pearl?

You can get a Houndour in Pokemon Pearl by breeding it from a Houndoom, which you can find on route 214 and 215.

What are the dog like Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

houndour houndoom vulpix ninetales etc

How do you know when houndoom shows up in Pokemon Pearl?

you find one

In Pokemon what level does houndoom learn flamethrower?

In Platinum version Houndoom learns Flamethrower at level 48. in diamond and pearl Houndoom also learns it at level 48.

How do you catch a hounder on Pokemon pearl?

You have to catch a houndoom on route 214 or 215 and breed a houndour from it. You have to get houndoom to appear via pokeradar.

In Pokemon pearl how do you breed houndoom?

get another houndoom or houndoor and leave them both at the day care. I do this all the time with my leafeon and flareon and get lots of eevees.

How do you get Houndour in Pokemon pearl?

You have to breed Houndoom which is found on Routes 214 and 215 with the Poke Radar.

How do you get a hounodur in Pokemon dimend?

HOUNDOUR is only obtainable in PEARL. breed HOUNDOOM (rts. 214 & 215) and trade to diamond. Easy (if you have PEARL, that is).

Where can you find houndour in Pokemon Pearl?

You get a Houndour by breeeding Houndoom, who can found with your pokéradar on Routes 214 and 215, though he is very rare. For details, go to and search Houndoom

What type of Pokemon is Houndoom?

The Pokemon Houndour is Fire

How do you get houndoom in Pokemon Rumble Wii?

Houndoom is a Johto pokemon and none of the Johto pokemon are in the first pokemon rumble.