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Houndoom is exclusive to Pokemon Pearl so it must be traded.

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Q: What route do you catch houndoom on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you catch a hounder on Pokemon pearl?

You have to catch a houndoom on route 214 or 215 and breed a houndour from it. You have to get houndoom to appear via pokeradar.

Where to find houndoom in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can catch houndour on route 7 at night only and evolve it to level 24 and that's how you can get houndoom well that or you can trade

How do you catch scyther in pokemon diamond?

You can catch Scythed on route 229.

Can you catch a flygon on route 213 on Pokemon diamond?


How do you catch hitmonchan in Pokemon Diamond?

on route your mom

Where to catch Duskull in Pokemon Diamond?

On route 224 with the pokéradar.

Pokemon diamond how to catch grimer?

grimer is in route 212

Where can you catch tauros in pokemon diamond?

Route 209 and in the southern part of Route 210.

Where can you catch horsea in Pokemon diamond?

Route 226 with the Good Rod.

Where do you catch a flaaffy in pokemon diamond?

In route 222. How: Use pokeradar.

How do you catch corsola in Pokemon diamond?

Swarm. Route 230 in the grass.

Where do you catch wooper in Pokemon diamond?

in route 212 in pastoria city