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tyip it up

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Q: How do you get a horse on paws and claws pet school?
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Where do you find horse pens in Paws and Claws Pets School?

Just look around the pet school area. I had trouble finding it too.

How do you ride a horse on Paws and Claws Pet vet for DS?

First, You are in the Main Screen click ride out and you can choose your horse.......

Can you ride the horses and donkeys on Paws and Claws pet school?


What are the cheats for paws and claws pet school?

There are no cheats, sorry :(

How do you buy toys in paws and claws pet school?

You don't it's a school

How do you train animals name on paws and claws pet school?

you stop playing stupid game like paws n' claws

How do you ride on the trails in Pet Vet Paws and Claws?

To ride on the trails on the game Pet Vet Paws and Claws walk up to a horse to get on it. Then ride to a fence and jump over it then head to the trails and ride.

On pet vet paws and claws for PC how do you get your horse to jump?

You can increase your horse's strength on Paws and Claws Pet Vet for PC by feeding and exercising them. To treat bronchitis, the horse needs am antibiotic and strengthening drugs which can be purchased from the pharmacy.

How do you get your starting animal in paws and claws pet school?

get alot of pets with paws claws whatever they all have that get them start making the school for 10 years you could call the school pet life and get some nurses to hire ty for ur time :) bye xoxo

Where can you get paws and claws pet vet 2?

Probably Best Buy

How do you enter the guest house on paws and claws pet vet?

You can't its a decor

Were can a 12 year old find a pet job in Rochester in Minnesota?

Paws and Claws