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These Robe tops can be purchased at the Tree Gnome Stronghold from Rometti and his store, Fine Fashions. You can find Rometti on the first floor of the Grand Tree, in the north-eastern area. The robe tops come in five different pastel colours; pink, green, blue, cream, and turquoise. Or you can buy them from the Grand exchange

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Q: How do you get a green gnome robe top in runescape?
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How can you get a gnome robe on RuneScape?

You have to go to the tree gnome stronghold go to the grand tree and go to the middle or top floor and go to the north part of the floor and you can get them there, you cannot get them from G.E

Where to buy or find a blue robe top in runescape?

buy the mage robe in ge

A cool ranger outfit runescape?

a cool ranger outfit would be: Robin Boots, green d'hide chaps, green gloves, Guthix Robe top, Robinhood hat, and a royal crown.

Runescape what to wear with flared trousers?

You could try elegant blouse/top along with Gnome scarf etc.

Were can you buy a seer outfit in runescape?

In Taverley, kill the druids for the top and bottom, they are called Druid Robe Top and Druid bottoms.

Where to buy a blue robe top in runescape?

You can buy one in Varrock then go to the grand exchange and you can buy one.

In runescape how much does the battle robe top cost?

The Battle robe top is a reward that can be purchased with tokens from the Fist of Guthix minigame. It degrades with use similar to the Barrows equipment, and may only be traded when completely degraded. It requires level 50 Defence and level 60 Magic to wear.The Robe Top costs 1,500 FoG Tokens.

Where can you catch geckos on RuneScape?

you can catch geckos in karajama. they are by the gnome glider and the tai bwo wanni. there are reds which are in the way low part, blues right under tai bwo wanni, greens at the top above the gnome glider, and oranges above the glider and on the right of the tai bwo wanni.

How can you make 1mil in RuneScape?

There are plenty of ways, the top three are: killing green dragons, Skilling, and Merchanting(merching).

What is the best build for a runescape mage pker?

Depends on how much money your going to spend, either infinity hat,ahrims top,ahrims bottom, staff of light, infinity boots, ring of life, amulet of fury. or mystic robe top, farseer helmet, mystic robe bottoms, glory or fury , climbing boots, ancient staff or staff of light

What is good runescape uniform?

Hat: Black Cavalier. Top: Black Elegant Top/Blouse. Amulet: Gnome Scarf. Legs: Flared Trousers. Boots: White or Dragon. Cape: Your Choice. Gloves: Your Choice. Ring: Your Choice. Weapon: Flowers, Black or White.

Fantage mission top models were is the gnome?

right by the grotto