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find one in the firey path or trade 1 red shard for one at the hunter's house

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Q: How do you get a firestone in Pokemon emerald?
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What Pokemon will evovle with a firestone in emerald?

a vulpix will evolve with that stone

What Pokemon evolve with firestone in emerald?

vulpix evolves with a firestone into ninetails. vulpix can be found at Mt. pyre

How do you get firestone in Pokemon Emerald please help?

in the fiery cave. next to the tram

Where is a firestone in Pokemon emerald?

You can find a Fire Stone in the Fiery Path after you get the HM for Strength.

Where can you found firestone in Pokemon emerald?

You can get it at fiery path but you must have strength(TM04).It is right next to the cable car.

Who do you use the Firestone on in emerald?

No one

What Pokemon can evolve by a firestone in leafgreen?

Vulpix evolves into Ninetales. This is the only Pokemon caught in Emerald that can evolve from a firestone. If you have traded an Eevee or a Growlithe to your Emerald game, they can evolve too.

Where can you find a firestone in Pokemon emerald?

u gotta find a red shard & give it to Hunter to the left of mossdeep city. He lives on an island with one house on it.

How do you obtain a water stone in Pokemon emerald?

There is a person on an island just above Mossdeep who will trade colored shards for evolution stones. (red-firestone, yellow-thunderstone, ect)

What Pokemon does firestone work on?


What Pokemon does the firestone evolve?

an eevee

Which Pokemon evolve with a firestone?

With a Firestone you can evolve into a Eevee into a Flareon, A Vulpix into a Ninetails and a Growlithe into a Artacaine