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Pokemon such as eevee, growlithe, and vulpix.

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Q: What is the firestone used on Pokemon ruby?
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Where are a fire stone in Pokemon ruby?

there is a firestone in fiery pass

How long does it take to evolve a pokemon by stone in ruby?

just give the right stone to it and it will evolve straight away e.g. eevee+firestone =flareon

Where do you get a fire stone in Pokemon ruby?

Bring a Pokemon that knows strength to the Fiery Path (located between the sandstorm/desert and Lavaridge Town. Navigate the maze of boulders and at the end you will find a Pokeball that contains a Firestone.

What Pokemon does firestone work on?


What Pokemon does the firestone evolve?

an eevee

What is the blue orb used for in Pokemon ruby?

I don't think it's obtainable in Ruby.

Which Pokemon evolve with a firestone?

With a Firestone you can evolve into a Eevee into a Flareon, A Vulpix into a Ninetails and a Growlithe into a Artacaine

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Which Pokemon can evolve by using a firestone in Pokemon pearl?

Flameon is one of them

Firestone is for which Pokemon to evolve?

firestones are for Pokemon who only are fire types

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

What Pokemon evolve with firestone in emerald?

vulpix evolves with a firestone into ninetails. vulpix can be found at Mt. pyre