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after you drive team galatic out of the valley windworks on friday's there will be a drifloon outside the windworks but only at fridays

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Q: How do you get a drifloon on Pokemon platinum?
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What level does drifloon evolve in Pokemon platinum?


Do you have to catch drifloon at a certain time on Pokemon platinum?

Yes, on Friday only.

How does drifloon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Drifllon evolves when it reaches level 28.

Where do you get drifloon in Pokemon platinum?

you can catch one every Friday at the valley windworks

Where can you find a drifloon on soul silver?

You'll need to trade it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you evolve drifloon in platinum?

you can evlove drifloon at lvl 32 good luck with platinum people =)

How do you get drifloon in Pokemon platinum?

after beating mars go to the valley windworks on a Friday morning there you will see a drifloon. Talk to it and it will battle you. It is at lv 15. it will evolve into drifblim at lv 27

Will your Pokemon walk with you in Pokemon Platinum version?

No, you're Pokemon do not walk with you in Pokemon Platinum. The only actual way to get them to follow you is in Amity Square, which is where you can stroll with a certain amount of Pokemon. This includes all starters and stages, Happiny, Drifloon, and more.

How can you get drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

if it is Friday on your ds clock it will appear in velley windworks does the same thing in diamond and platinum

Can you breed drifblim in Pokemon platinum?

yes but you need to evolve it from drifloon every time and need two or 1 and 1 ditto

On platinum your drifloon is on level 27 when will it evlolve?

Drifloon evolves at Level 28.

What kind of Pokemon can be caught at Valley of Wind works?

you can catch a drifloon every Friday their and if you have a national pokedex you can catch electrike,mareep and flaaffy.