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There actually isnt a trainer in pokemon pearl that has drifloon, but you can catch them every friday in front of the valley windworks, just go up to the drifloon and press a. he is at level15

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Q: Which trainer has drifloon in Pokemon Pearl?
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What is the Pokemon after ampipom on Pokemon Pearl?


What is number 65 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Number 65 Pokemon in D/P is Drifloon. Most people ask this because no trainer has Drifloon. You can find one standing outside of Valley Windworks every Friday.

Where do you see drifloon on Pokemon peal?

Battle a Trainer.

Where is drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

All day on Friday, Drifloon is at the Valley Windworks.

Where do you get driftblim on Pokemon pearl?

Get drifloon and evolve it!

In Pokemon pearl what is the Pokemon numbered 65 in the pokedex?

it is a drifloon

Were to find drifloon on Pokemon Pearl?

you have to go to vally windworks on a Friday and drifloon will be standing there

Which trainer has a drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

no one to get one go to the valley wind-works on Friday there will be a lone drifloon floating in the field its level 21 give it shadow ball TM and it will evolve into drifblim at 28

How do you evolve drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

get to level 28

Where to find a drifloon on Pokemon Pearl?

At the Valley windworks.

What is Pokemon number 65 in pearl version?


Where can you see drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

In front of the windworks