How do you get a cursor maker?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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go to or

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Q: How do you get a cursor maker?
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How do you delete spouse from Family Tree Maker?

Place the cursor on the spouse's name, then click on "people" at the top of the page and select "delete individual", and follow directions.

How do you put a realplayer video in windows movie maker?

Start playing the video and put your cursor over it. Click convert and convert it to a Samsung Galaxy Tab file. Next, save the file and you will be able to put it into Windows Movie Maker.

How do you change the cursor on game maker 8 lite?

Easy. You create an object that looks like the cursor you want and for the step event add this code: x=mouse_x y=mouse_y Be sure to deactivate the mouse in the global game settings and to put the new object in each room.

What is the function of the cursor?

the function of cursor control keys it helps to move the cursor.

What is the cursor on ms Excel is called the?

The cursor is called a cursor in MS Excel.

What is the function of the cursor key?

the function of cursor control keys it helps to move the cursor.

What part of speech is cursor?

"Cursor" is a noun.

Why is the computer cursor called the cursor?

Its ugly

How do you change a mouse cursor?

In control pannel, select the cursor option..... and then, select ur cursor type.

What do you use cursor mania for?

Cursor Mania is generally used to be creative and pick an unique cursor of your liking.

Does Sims 3 pets have a cursor?

Yes of course it has a cursor. All of the Sims 3 games have a cursor.

What is the antonym for cursor?

A cursor is a thing, so there is no antonym for it.