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you get it from a woman in the house to the left of the poke mart in mauville. you need to exchange it for a harbor mail from slateport.

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Q: How do you get a coin case in Pokemon ruby version?
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How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

How do you get coin case in Pokemon ruby?

you go to muaville and get harbor mail and give it to the lady there!

Where do you find a bokeblock case in Pokemon ruby version?

You can get it by asking one of the girls in the Pokemon show buildings.

How do you find the coin case in Pokemon ruby?

Go to Dewford and get Harbour Mail. Then go to the house next to Game Corner and she will tradeb you the mail for a coin case

Where is the lady you trade harbor mail for coin case in Pokemon ruby?

She is in mauville city in a house right next to the pokemart, give her harbor mail to get a coin case.

How 2 get raqueza in littleroot town Pokemon Ruby version?

how to get raqueza in littletown in Pokemon ruby version

Kyogre Pokemon ruby?

This legendary Pokemon can only be acquired on Ruby Version through trade from Sapphire Version or Emerald Version.

Where do you get a coin case in Pokemon Ruby?

go to the woman in the house next to the game corner see what mail she wants then go to slateport city and buy it then give it to her. she will give you a coin case.

If you played finish Pokemon ruby what should you do?

If you finish ruby get another version of pokemon.

Is there a pokemon ruby version for GameCube?

No. Pokemon Ruby was only released for the Game Boy.

What is Pokemon ruby destiny?

Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby for GBA that is kind of like Pokemon Red Rescue Team.

Can you clone Pokemon in ruby version?