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Go to this link and they will tell you all about Grand Fantasia: here is the link for the classes:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bad answer ^ Actually you class upgrade when you reach certain levels.

First class upgrade is at lv 5, then 15, then 30, then 65, then at lv 85.

You will automatically get a quest for the class upgrade.

-Dai LV 50 Paladin Server Bodor Ch2 Give me trust points :)

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Q: How do you get a class upgrade on grand Fantasia?
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What is a class upgrade in grand Fantasia?

First off a class upgrade is a way to improve your skill. Such as when you become level 15 you get to get dual weapons, which bascially allows you to use to weapons at once, such as two swords, a bow and a gun. But then at level 30 its your main class upgrade which decides how you will fight throughout the rest of the game. Such as i am a hunter/archer only level 20 but when i get level 30 i will pick ranger because to me it seems better than being an assassin because you can shoot from long range doing less damage to you. So i hope this helped a little bit :D

How do you fight in grand fantasia?

like a beserker!

How do you save on grand fantasia?

The game is autosave

How can you get fast lvl in grand fantasia?

rep quests

Does grand fantasia work with windows 7?

yah it does

How old do you have to be to play grand fantasia?

You have to be 13 and up

Does grand fantasia work with window 7 professional?


When do sages get the wolf form in grand Fantasia?


A name for your sprite in grand fantasia?

soalnya aku main

Does Grand Fantasia work on Mac?

i don't think so :(

How to make an account at grand Fantasia?

Type in grand fantasia on Click on the first option. Click download on the front page. It's to the right of the screen. It comes as an icon on your desktop screen.

Are there any Grand Fantasia account trading websites?

No, there aren't any.