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You insert Pokemon leaf green go to route 201 or 202 and use the poke radar

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Q: How do you get a Vulpix in Pokemon Diamond without migrating?
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How do you get Vulpix without migrating or cheating?

Breed a female Vulpix with a compatible "Ground" breeding type (not Pokemon type) or trade from another game.

How do you get a vulpix in Pokemon diamond?

you cant :P

How do you get the azere flute?

how do u get vulpix in Pokemon diamond

Can you get a vulpix on Pokemon diamond?

yes, on route 209

How can you get a growlithe without trading or migrating on SoulSilver?

Growlithe is one of the "version-specific" Pokemon. Growlithe is only available in HeartGold, while in SoulSilver you can only get Vulpix.

What Pokemon evolve with a fire stone in Pokemon diamond?

Eevee Growlithe Vulpix

Is there a third evolution for Vulpix in Pokemon Diamond?

No there is no third evolution of vulpix. Ninetails is the last evolution yet!

Where is ninetails on Pokemon diamond?

you can't you have to migrate it (same with vulpix?)

Where can you find Vulpix in Pokemon Diamond?

it doesnt show it in pkmn diamond, but in pkmn pearl

Can you get a vulpix in Pokemon diamond?

With Pokemon LeafGreen inserted in the GBA slot, (This can work with DS Lite and under.) you can find Vulpix in the wild in Route 209.

Where do you get vulpix in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to put the GBA game, Leaf Green, into your DS. Then play DIAMOND, go to route 209, and you will find a vulpix. (does take a while)

Where do you find vulpix in Pokemon diamond?

Alrite heres what u do GET A LIFE