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it is true that u find a togepi on route 230 with poke radar. It takes time

route 230 with the Pokeradar

the only way to get a togepi is that you migrate it or go to the small island on route 230 and look for it with the poke radar AT NIGHT!

answer number2:(this is a different person)

the best time is 12 midnight at route 230 or ask your friend to trade from heart gold or sole silver but if your on the other side of America then it's 12 in the don,t have to migrate it.

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Q: How do you get a Togepi in Pokemond Diamond?
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How is Togepi obtained in Pokemond Diamond and Pearl?

use the pokerader on route 230

Where is the daycare center in pokemond diamond?

West Solacean town.

Where do you find Pokemon no46 in pokemond diamond?

evolve a female Burmy.

How do you get Nosepass in Pokemond Diamond?

You find it by the bike pass if you use the pokeradar.

Where do you get the azure flute from on pokemond diamond?

only with an event you can get the azure flute

How do you get to the 8th gym leader in pokemond diamond?

You have to beat(or Catch) Dialga first.

Which Pokemon is good for fighting Garchomp in pokemond diamond?

Ice type pokemon.

Where do you get a slower bike in pokemond diamond?

you don't..... you press B to switch gears

How do you get to route 225 in pokemond diamond?

North from the fight area, or south from the Survival Area.

What level does koffing evolve pokemond diamond?

Koffing evolves into Weezing at level 35

What is the id numbers pokemond diamond?

The Pokedex ID numbers range from 1 up to 493

Where do you get a togetic in Pokemon Diamond?

You get a togepi egg in Pokemon Platinum, not Diamond.