How do you get a TM of explosion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to either get cheats or do the ten rounds at the game corner in veilstone city besides that, there is no other way

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Q: How do you get a TM of explosion?
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What number is TM explosion?

Explosion is TM 64

Where do you get the TM explosion on HeartGold?

This should help... TM 64 (Explosion) - Buy Ragecandybar at Mahogany, exchange with guy in underground path between Cerulean and Vermillion

Where do you get the TM explosion in Pokemon diamond?

You get the TM Explosion from Veilstone City Game Corner EDIT (by venom phoenix): more than that, you have to get 10 extra rounds in a bonus round. its based purely on luck.

How do you find explosion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Explosion is not a tm so cannot be found anywhere. However a variety of Pokemon learn Explosion naturally such as Koffing, Geodude and Voltorb.

Where do get TM explosion in Pokemon white version?

you get it at the battle subway prize stand

What is the strongest TMT in Pokemon?

If you mean strongest TM, then it's Explosion (TM 64). It does 250 damage but it automatically makes your Pokemon faint.

What can you do with a rage candy bar?

you can give it to a in an underground tunnel in kanto and he will give you the TM for explosion

Where can you found the TM explosion in Pokemon flora sky?

In the forbiden forest under your shoulder.

What is the prize in the game corner in pearl?

The prize is the TM can also find shiny cefairys.......

Where do you find TM 64 explosion?

At mt. ember in the font man facing backward then talk to him.

How do you get TM 64 Explosion?

In the slot games if you get a bonus game to last over 10 rounds without ending you can go to the counter and they will give you the TM. I found this easiest on platinum

Where can you get a lot of rage candy on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only get one per game, and then you could trade it for TM Explosion.