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You can't have a Pokemon come out of its Pokeball outside of battle.

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Q: How do you get a Pokemon to come out of its pokeball outside of battle on Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you get the 3 starter Pokemon on Sapphire?

i think you first go talk to may and then go outside the town.then someone will call for help.that guy is proff.birch.he will ask you to get any pokeball then you choose the one that you want and win the battle with a poochyena 2 the battle and he will gift you the Pokemon that you chose

What pokeball catches rainbow ponyta in Pokemon battle arena?

super pokeball

Does the Pokemon Sapphire have a battle frontier?

No, Pokemon Sapphire Version does not have a Battle Frontier. However, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum do have the Battle Frontier.

How do you get six Pokemon on Pokemon Vortex?

Battle wild Pokemon, weaken it and then throw a Pokeball at it.

Can you change the pokeball?

You can take your Pokemon out of their poke balls outside of battle in the games Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold

After beating battle tower on Pokemon Sapphire what is the next objective?

you cant cause its the end of Pokemon sapphire. but the game Pokemon emerald has the whole battle frontier.

When will you battle Kyogre for your chance to capture it in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire?

You battle Kyogre for your chance to capture it in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire after you capture the groudon.

Where is Battle frontier in Pokemon sapphire?

There isn't one in sapphire its just in emereld.

Is it possible for every type of pokeball to appear in Pokemon Battle Revolution?


How do you get to choose your own Pokemon out of every single Pokemon saphir?

If you mean how can you pick your first Pokemon in Sapphire its the Pokemon you first use to battle with when you rescue Brandon's dad, the Professer, from the weird or scary noise coming from outside Littleroot town. Go out there and battle.

What do you use a flute for in Pokemon sapphire?

it will awake your Pokemon in battle if its a sleep

How many trainers are there in Pokemon Sapphire?

There are 69 trainers you can battle in Pokemon Sapphire. This also includes the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four.