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You have to use gachapon in different places to obtain the erasers.

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Q: How do you get a Monster Eraser in Maple Story?
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How do you get monster chat on maple story?

u cant

How do you get a dragon tail on maple story?

It's a monster drop item.

How do you get myistic shield in maple story?

hunt for it on the correct monster ( or you can just buy in the FM

What monster drop tiger fang in maple story?

none. you have to go to john barricade and forge one.

On maple story how do you get more monster cards?

Killing the monster in the picture of the card you are looking for is the only way to get them. (unless you sit and wait for someone else to kill the monster and leave the card there)

What was the Cold War and what did it have to do with story Monster are due on Maple street?

It was an inspiration by Rod Searing the director of the TV show.

How do you get a bronze plate in maple story?

should be able to hunt from monster. For more detail u can check

Maple story with no download?

If you are talking about the Global Maple Story that everybody plays online, no. But there is a very cheap game where you just hit the monsters, grab a random jewel from the monster and go on a couple of levels.

How old do you have to be to join Maple Story?

You have to be atleast 13 to play maple story

How do you get maple points?

To get maple points be either lvs 30-50 and go to monster carnival 1 or 50 - 70 and go to monster carnivaL 2 Kill the monsters there and i say about 2 percent chance to get a maple point per monster. HEHEHE Ur welcome

What is the maple story game about?

You get an avatar and you can get jobs like a magicain and then you can explore the Maple Story World.

Why is maple story offline?

Because maple story sucks, go play a real game.