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in the lost tower on route 209 i think on the last floor and if its night time you can find mismagios

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2012-02-16 01:47:05
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Q: How do you get TM or hm strangh on Pokemon pearl?
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Pokemon Cloyster met dive a TM or HM DIVE?

Dive is an HM, but in Diamond,Pearl, and Platnum, it is a TM

Action replay individual TM codes for Pokemon Pearl?

here are some TM and hm moves for Pokemon pearl and diamond.1gnh3ditr fj3jfod95 2fsdfhujhfh6uuufjfg3fgjhfgj6u86867684te6546gfbhfy6570555ghfghhttrhtfhfhft6ghhtyy66uujjgyikk7kkkk87iikygjyi7778kkkkkgkkku8i7i7i79jyjyttktktykkkkk7i7108985697899597

How do you get the TM streght in Pokemon pearl?

i don't no but i wanted 2 correct u strenght is a HM not a TM

Where to get sing in Pokemon Pearl?

The move Sing cannot obtained as a TM or HM.

What is the action replay code for any Pokemon learning any TM or HM for Pokemon pearl?

you need the 999 masterball code and toss one at the time to get all the TM and hm

What is the difference between a HM and a TM on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

a TM is only for use once and a hmn can be used lots

What you can do with TM dig in pearl version?

Just like every other TM or HM. Just give it to a pokemon that can learn that move.

Is the Pokemon move Rock Smash an HM or TM?

It depends on the Pokemon game. In Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it's an HM, while later games make it a TM. It's also a TM in Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Where is hm energy ball on Pokemon pearl?

It isn't a HM, but it is considered as an TM. You can get Energy Ball at the Fight Area in exchange for Battle Points.

Where to find the hidden move flash in Pokemon pearl?

It's not a HM anymore in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but it can be bought as a TM in Hearthome City Department.

Where is tackle in Pokemon Pearl?

Tackle is not a TM or HM move. It's an early game move that many Pokemon know from the start.

Can you migrte Pokemon with hm or TM?

you can't migrate Pokemon that have an hm but you can with Pokemon with tms

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