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To get Roxy enter this code: HOBBIDANCE You will get the Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant that with any other two seeds and when they are fully grown you will get Roxy. *Roxy will not come with Rox flowers*

Add me Im nega6! When you add me say this: Roxy I will accept your friend request

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Q: How do you get Roxy as a pet on moshi monsters?
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Who are Roxy?

Roxy is a moshling (pet) in the popular online game Moshi Monsters.

Who on Moshi Monsters has Roxy?

I do!

Can you use the code for Roxy twice in Moshi Monsters?

No, you can only use Roxy's code one time on Moshi Monsters.

Can you get rox from Roxy on moshi monsters?

No, you can't get Rox from Roxy.

Is Roxy rarest pet on moshi monsters?

She isn't its another 1 i don't know i forgot roxys a worldie

What does hobbidance do on moshi monsters?

It gives you a Roxy rose plant to get Roxy.

What is the cheat for Roxy on moshi monsters?

There are no cheats.

What other two plants do you need to get Roxy the moshling on moshi monsters?

On Moshi Monsters, you can use any two other plants to get Roxy the moshling as long as you have the Radiant Roxy Rose.

Does Roxy give you Rox on Moshi Monsters?

No. Roxy is a moshling and does not give you Rox.

How do you get Roxy on moshi monsters without the Radiant Roxy Rose?

You can't get Roxy without the Radiant Roxy Rose

What is the code for Roxy the moshing on Moshi Monsters?


What are are the moshling codes for moshi monsters?

hobbididance is for roxy